His Son’s Teacher Was Only Addressing His Girlfriend During A Parent-Teacher Conference, So He Asked To Be Spoken To Also As His Son’s Father, And Now His Brother-In-Law Thinks He Overreacted

DmitryDolgikh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This twenty-eight-year-old man has a son named Nathan, who is six. And currently, he is Nathan’s sole parent because his son’s mother lost custody.

So, Nathan’s school was informed of the custody change after he removed his ex’s details from the school contact system. He also gave his son’s current teacher insight into the situation as a safety precaution.

“Due to the nature of the custody battle, his teacher does know about my ex for safety reasons, as she has been barred from coming to the school to get him,” he explained.

“Basically, his teacher knows that if she ever sees me with a woman, it is definitely not my ex.”

Anyway, Nathan’s school typically holds parent-teacher conferences twice each year– once before Christmas break and a second time at the end of the academic year.

Now, he has been dating a new woman named Venus, who is twenty-four, for about eight months now. And according to him, Venus has a stellar relationship with his son.

Nathan likes Venus so much, in fact, that his son even asked if she could attend the parent-teacher conference, too.

Apparently, his son wanted his girlfriend to see just how well everything was going at school– especially because Venus actually helped Nathan with his schoolwork a lot.

“My son used to struggle with English as his mother tongue is Spanish. My Spanish is okay, but Venus is fluent. So, she helped Nathan improve his English speaking by tutoring him,” he said.

DmitryDolgikh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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