She Didn’t Let Her Brother’s Girlfriend Sit With The Bridal Party At Her Wedding Because She Wanted Candid Photos Of The Group, And Her Brother Freaked Out On Her

Thankfully, though, the rest of her day did go well. The only remaining problem, however, is that her brother is still refusing to talk to her.

She has since apologized and even offered to apologize to his girlfriend. But, even after that, her brother has continued to give her the cold shoulder.

The rest of her friends and family who were at the table have also admitted that the whole incident was pretty awkward. But, they refuse to give their input because they do not want to pick sides.

“Some things I said out of anger,” she admitted, “But also, I feel like I should have been granted some respect, and they should know how important it was to me since they knew I had been planning this day for so long.”

Nonetheless, with her brother still really angry, she has been left wondering if refusing to let her brother’s girlfriend sit with the bridal party at the wedding actually made her a jerk or not.

Is it common for brides and grooms to have a “head table” with a set seating chart? Do you think her brother should have asked before trying to pull up a chair and messing with the arrangements? Did she have a right to ask her brother’s girlfriend to step aside for just a few minutes? What would you have done in this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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