She Didn’t Let Her Brother’s Girlfriend Sit With The Bridal Party At Her Wedding Because She Wanted Candid Photos Of The Group, And Her Brother Freaked Out On Her

Afterward, she said the girlfriend could rejoin the table. But, for the time being, her brother’s girlfriend needed to stay out of the shots.

Anyway, her brother decided to talk to his partner at that point. Then, his girlfriend walked away and sat down at one of the back tables.

Now, she claims that his girlfriend did not need to go so far away; instead, the girlfriend could have just waited nearby or sat closer.

Despite that, though, she noticed that her brother looked really irritated about the whole thing. And honestly, that made her irritated since she did not want him to look unhappy in the pictures.

So, she ended up asking her brother if he could “at least pretend to look happy,” and that comment actually made him blow up on her.

Apparently, her brother “went off” about how his girlfriend was shy and already felt unwelcome in their family. Plus, she got accused of making the day really difficult for his girlfriend.

Quite frankly, though, she thought it seemed like her brother’s girlfriend did not even want to be at the wedding, and she told him that.

“She doesn’t seem like she wants to be part of this family at all,” she explained.

“And quite frankly, I didn’t want her unhappy expression to be permanently displayed in pictures of what was supposed to be a happy occasion.”

Still, her brother apparently did not care and eventually stormed off to go sit with his girlfriend. This made her even more upset, too.

After all, this was supposed to be her day, but it felt like it was becoming about her brother’s girlfriend. Plus, because he chose to storm off, the seating arrangement at the table ended up being uneven in the pictures anyway.

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