She Just Learned That Her Boyfriend’s Two Female Best Friends Are Girls That He Has Slept With, So That’s Making Her Feel Like She Can’t Trust Him Anymore

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 24-year-old girl has a boyfriend the same age as her, and they have been together for more than a year.

Her boyfriend has 2 female best friends, and her boyfriend has mentioned that they have been close since either middle or high school.

So, because these girls are best friends with her boyfriend, she has gotten really close to them as well.

She never stopped to consider that her boyfriend had any kind of history with his best friends that crossed the friend line, and she only found out that truth because one of these girls recently admitted to her that they had both slept with her boyfriend.

Apparently, this happened about 5 years back, and she was shocked to even learn about this.

“We have had a lot of special and deep-feeling memories with his girlfriends, and it all feels kind of tainted now,” she explained.

“Not to mention there have been times my BF and I have done stuff like skinny dip with them; he’s slept over at their apartment, and we have gone on camping trips with just them and us, and I feel gross now thinking about this stuff.”

“I just can’t shake this feeling looking back on all this like there was this secret extra element to all these times that I didn’t know. I feel like a fool, I guess, even though I don’t think there are romantic feelings between any of them.”

She did confront her boyfriend regarding his history with his best friends, and she made it clear that she was really upset he never told her this, let alone allowed her to get friendly with them herself.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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