A Sketchy Older Guy She Worked With Locked Them Both In A Walk-In Freezer, But Luckily Her Screams Were Heard And She Was Freed Before Anything Truly Bad Could Happen To Her

Katherine Welles - - illustrative purposes only

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant kitchen, did you have a buddy system for walk-in refrigerators?

A young woman once worked in a college campus kitchen with three large walk-in freezers. They had a “freezer buddy” system in place for safety, where if one person was going to get something out of one of the walk-ins, their “buddy” would have to hold open the door for them so that they don’t get locked in.

She was 19-years-old at the time and worked with a sketchy 34-year-old guy everyone called “Slug.”

One day, Slug was her freezer buddy, holding open the walk-in door while she loaded things onto a cart.

During this time, he started asking her invasive questions. For example, he asked her if she was single if she had a specific type of guy she liked, etc. It gave her an uneasy feeling. 

Then, he said to her, “It would be a shame if the door closed and we got stuck in here together. I’ll make sure to keep you warm.” 

When she looked up while he was saying that, she saw him close the freezer door. How scary is that?

She started screaming for help as Slug began walking towards her. Thankfully, her father is a cop who taught her self-defense, and she hit him multiple times before he could hurt her. 

Finally, the sous chef opened the door and had other kitchen workers rip Slug out of there. 

Katherine Welles – – illustrative purposes only

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