After Her Friend Started Pursuing A Guy Who Was In A Relationship, She Asked Her Friend If She Really Wanted To Be Involved In Cheating, And Now Her Friend Is Accusing Her Of Messing Everything Up

Then, Jen walked into her office one morning, chatting away about the “future” she and Ryan were going to share. She was alarmed, as she knew Jen’s heart would get broken because Ryan already had a girlfriend.

She then questioned Jen about what her limits were and if she really saw herself dating Ryan seriously and replacing his girlfriend. She pressed Jen about if she was planning on pushing Ryan to break up with his girlfriend or if she was alright with being “the other woman.”

Jen just laughed and replied that she had invited Ryan to come over to her house, but she wasn’t ever going to be a cheater.

In the week after that little chat, Jen ignored her completely. Instead, Jen went up to one of their other coworkers to fill this guy in on her situation with Ryan.

“Our coworker shared that Jen and Ryan hooked up; he knows because Jen showed him pictures of her and Ryan together in bed,” she said.

“She also sent the same photos to her ex-fiancé. Jen then drunk called me at 9 pm on a Wednesday night, saying how I got in her head and ruined everything. She sent a bunch of texts saying she told Ryan she loved him…how her ex talked her into confessing, and then sent a few photos of her and her ex together. Aside from this one instance, she still hasn’t spoken to me. I know my questions were not for me to ask, but I feel like they were important to ask yourself before getting physical with someone in a relationship. Did I overstep?”

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