He Dumped His Girlfriend Because Her Dad Is A Terrible Person, And All She Did Was Excuse His Bad Behavior

A.KaZaK - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old man was in a relationship with his 24-year-old girlfriend for just under 2 years, and they originally met back in college.

Throughout the first 4 years of knowing his girlfriend, they were strictly friends. Although they were into one another, they were both seeing someone else, and the opportunity never came up for them to try things out.

After college, he thought she would be “the one that got away” for him, but several years following graduation, they connected again.

Just a couple of months into speaking to her again, he picked up and moved across the state they live in so that he could live with her.

“We were both very much in love (and still are), and everything felt perfect,” he explained. “Then I met her family while I stayed with her for two weeks to find a job in the new city.”

“All of them were very kind and welcoming to me except for her father, who hated me from day one. The first time I met him, I shook his hand, told him it was nice to meet him, and his only response was, “How do you know it’s nice to meet me?”

“The rest of the two weeks, he was angry and aggressive the entire time (which I’ve since learned is just how he always is). He screamed at me on the second day as I was helping the family put away a grocery order…I was just shocked and didn’t know how to even react.”

His girlfriend’s dad kept acting atrociously throughout their entire relationship, and he frequently got freaked out on for simply trying to help out with things.

He has had to spend time with his girlfriend’s dad on a weekly basis since his girlfriend is that involved with her family, and every single time without fail, her dad would scream at him.

A.KaZaK – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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