He Was Forced To Turn Away A Massage Client Because Of Her Weight, And Now Three Of His Coworkers Apparently “Hate His Guts” 

sepy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the past three years, this 25-year-old man has worked as a masseur for a spa that he claims is “somewhat small.” And, just last week, he was forced to do something he had never done before– turn a client away.

Apparently, it all began after he took a group booking for four different people. At that point, all he knew was the number of people he would be servicing, as well as the caller’s name and phone number.

Then, once the group showed up, he reportedly grabbed a standard questionnaire and waiver that every spa patron is required to fill out.

After he saw one of the female group members who he was specifically going to service, though, he became very concerned. According to him, she “was clearly” over 400 pounds.

Now, he claims that the client’s weight was concerning for two reasons. First, the massage table has a weight capacity of 495 pounds.

And, coupled with the amount of pressure he applied during each massage, he did not want to risk any damage or injuries.

“I assumed that I would add anywhere between 10 to 30 pounds [of pressure] depending on the massage. And the last thing I wanted was to damage the table or injure the woman if something had happened,” he explained.

He was also worried that the client might not be able to fit on the table, to begin with.

So, in an effort to be safe, he opted to weigh the client before going through with the service. And after doing so, he learned that she was 465 pounds.

sepy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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