Her Boyfriend Has A Podcast, But She Thinks The Material Isn’t Respectful To Their Relationship Because Her Boyfriend Pretty Much Acts Single In His Episodes

polinaloves - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman has a boyfriend a year older than she is, and when they initially began dating, she thought her boyfriend was sweet, compassionate, and just a wonderful guy.

Her boyfriend then confessed to her that he dreamed of having a podcast, and he had already created a few episodes that she got to listen to.

After she was done checking out her boyfriend’s podcast, she was honestly shocked at how different he came across on there vs. in real life.

The humor her boyfriend uses in his episodes is downright rude, and he constantly makes awful remarks about women.

Additionally, he acts pretty much single in his episodes, and she thinks the material overall isn’t respectful to their relationship.

Now, some of the “jokes” her boyfriend has made on his podcast have included talking about the body his ex had. For reference, her boyfriend’s ex was quite curvy, and she really isn’t, so she found that offensive.

Another joke her boyfriend made was discussing some gorgeous girl he had seen in a video and how she should reach out to him because her current boyfriend wasn’t “good enough” for her.

And a third joke she didn’t appreciate her boyfriend making involved mentioning another girl who seemed like she would be decent in the bedroom.

“I’ve talked to him about how these comments make me feel and how he conducts himself like a single man in his podcasts,” she explained.

polinaloves – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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