Her Boyfriend Was Super Mean To Her At A Party And Completely Made A Scene In Front Of Her Friends, And She Isn’t Sure She Can Move Past This

“He was being mean, and I went to go sit down on the couch, and he just periodically kept walking up to me and saying things low into my ear like “you’re garbage,” “you’re trash,” “I guess I’m single now,” etc.,” she said.

“Of course, my feelings were hurt, so I go to the bathroom to take a minute, and he follows me, and the insults continue.”

“At one point, he goes to pat me on the cheek in kind of a condescending manner, but he used more force than I think he intended, and it hurt a little, and he walked away.”

She sat there sobbing in the bathroom, and her boyfriend never came back to see if she was alright.

She then moved to the couch, where she kept sobbing as she told her friends what had happened, and what she said was loud enough that a lot of people overheard her.

She was hurt, she had a lot to drink, and she says she didn’t mean to be putting the issues out there between her and her boyfriend for the entire party to hear.

Post-party, her boyfriend made it clear to her that he was furious that she overshared their problems, and he did apologize for his behavior, though.

In turn, she let her boyfriend know that if anything like this happens again in their relationship, she’s walking away.

“I also just don’t understand how my sweet, sweet boyfriend could treat me like that, and I still am having trouble moving on from it,” she continued.

“Is this a sign for our future if I stay? Was it just a fluke? Should I give him a chance? I’m feeling very conflicted, and I am trying to look at this from a mature point of view, but it’s hard when you have feelings involved.”

“I just am so unsure how to feel or react or move on from this because I want to stay with him more than anything, but I don’t deserve to be treated like that, and I don’t want it to happen again.”

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