Her Mother-In-Law Wants To Come To Her House And Clean It Like Crazy Before Her Baby Is Born As A Present, But She Really Doesn’t Want To Let That Happen Because She’s Afraid Of The Nasty Comments Her Mother-In-Law Is Sure To Make

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This woman has a mother-in-law who used to professionally clean houses in order to make some money on the side, but it’s been 40 years since her mother-in-law has done that job.

Now, she and her husband welcomed their first child together 2 years ago, and then they wound up moving 5 hours away from the place they had been in previously.

She was a new mom with a lot on her plate, and her husband was working long hours, about 60 per week.

On top of that, her husband’s 14-year-old daughter was living in their new home with them, and it was stressful.

“I did ALL of the cooking, cleaning, and childcare with the exception of my husband’s laundry,” she explained.

“My stepdaughter didn’t even do anything around the house. The only time she ever left her room was to get food, pile dishes in the sink, shower, or leave to see friends. And she wasn’t in school.”

When it came time to move from that place, her mother-in-law said she would be happy to clean so that their landlord would be sure to give their deposit back to them.

Her husband thought that was a great idea, and he said yes to his mom coming to clean for them.

Unfortunately, it didn’t really end up being that generous of an offer because her mother-in-law was really rude about it.

GTeam – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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