Her Sister And Nephews Moved In With Her After Losing Their Apartment, But She Kicked Them Out After They Kept Letting Her Cat Into Her Garden

xiao - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

This 26-year-old girl has an older sister Laila who is 32. Not too long ago, Laila ended up losing her job, and then she lost her apartment because she no longer had the money to pay for it.

Laila is a single mom who has two 8-year-old twin boys, and she just allowed Laila and her nephews to move in with her.

She has a well-paying job and a house with 4 bedrooms, so she has plenty of space for all of them to come to stay with her and her cat until Laila gets back on her feet.

Now, her cat loves to eat things he shouldn’t, and he especially loves escaping into her garden and eating her flowers.

“One time, I accidentally let him out, and he chewed through some of them completely, so then I decided to just put him in my room whenever I go to the garden,” she explained.

“A few weeks ago, when I was at work, Laila told me the boys had accidentally let him into the garden.”

“Thankfully, he didn’t get out or anything, but he destroyed some of my roses again. I told Laila to put him in my room next time the boys went out to the garden, and she told me she would.”

One week after that garden incident, her cat got out into the garden once more. Her garden is quite large, so when she couldn’t see him out there, she got really upset.

She honestly panicked, but then she discovered him crouched by a shrub, completely alright. She was so shaken up at the thought of losing him that she informed Laila she would have to find somewhere else to live if her cat got out ever again.

xiao – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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