Her Sister And Nephews Moved In With Her After Losing Their Apartment, But She Kicked Them Out After They Kept Letting Her Cat Into Her Garden

Laila became furious after her threat, and Laila insisted her cat escaping was not intentional, so she should just relax about the whole thing.

She didn’t understand why it was so difficult for Laila to just pick her cat up and put him inside a room to prevent him from escaping. She figured she wouldn’t have another problem with her cat getting out, especially since Laila really did begin putting her cat in her bedroom after their conversation.

However, a few days ago, her cat got out once more, and it was much harder for her to find him this time. After she did find her cat and arrived back home, Laila apologized and mentioned it slipped her mind to make sure her cat was in her bedroom before opening the door to the garden.

She was beside herself, and she informed Laila to begin getting her belongings together because she was getting kicked out.

“My parents don’t have room for them all at their house, so Laila is staying with them while her ex-husband took the boys,” she said.

“She’s (mad) at me for “kicking her out over nothing,” and my mom is too, but my dad thinks she deserved it…She’s been calling me a monster for separating her and her kids.”

She’s left wondering if it was wrong of her to kick Laila and her nephews out for allowing her cat to escape so many times.

What do you think?

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