His Wife And Kids Want To Adopt A Pet Fox That Someone Abandoned, But He’s Really Not On Board With This Idea

Maksim Shebeko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual fox

Last weekend, this man ended up having to go to work, so his family came up with a fun activity to do by themselves.

His wife brought their 2 teens to a local animal rescue, and he says they had way too much fun there because now they’re trying to bring one of the rescued animals home with them.

His family got to see a ton of different animals at the rescue, but there were three particular animals that really caught their eyes and hearts: foxes.

These foxes had all formerly been pets, but their owners abandoned them, and that’s how the animal rescue ended up caring for them.

The volunteers at the animal rescue told his family that these foxes can never be put back into the wild because they have been pets and don’t know how to survive without people.

The volunteers also said the foxes were all up for adoption but that it’s nearly impossible to find homes for them since the rate of people generally getting rid of their pet foxes is higher than those wanting to adopt them.

“My daughter proposed the idea that we adopt at least one of them since she felt bad for them that they have nowhere else to go,” he explained.

“I admired the thought, but to my surprise, my wife seemed pretty open to the idea and said, “I wondered the same thing; it would be great for someone to be able to give them a home, why not us?”

“I tried to shut it down and say it was a crazy idea, but they keep bringing it up. Apparently, my daughter’s done research, and it wouldn’t be illegal in our state or township, is looking into what sort of enclosure we’d have to build in our yard, diet…and my wife seems to be sort of encouraging all this, saying “Look it wouldn’t be that hard, we have a big enough yard, it’d liven up the place…”

Maksim Shebeko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual fox

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