His Wife Went Out To Lunch With Her Friends And Left Her Wedding Ring At Home, And Then He Discovered That She Was Texting Another Man She Met A Few Days Earlier

Andrii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old man has been with his 26-year-old wife for 8 years in total, and 2 years ago, they tied the knot.

Yesterday, his wife went out for lunch with one of her friends, and this friend is not somebody he really likes.

His wife’s friend has caused issues for him and his wife in the past, but now that she is pregnant and in a good relationship, she hasn’t been trouble lately.

As his wife left for lunch, he said he hoped that she enjoyed herself, and he asked if she could bring him something to eat.

A couple of hours into his wife being at lunch, he goes on social media and discovers his wife tagged in a slew of photos, along with some more friends of hers that she isn’t supposed to be hanging out with.

These particular friends are around the same age as him and his wife, but they love drinking and drama, and he and his wife already had a conversation about cutting them out of their lives because of the issues they create.

At one point, these friends of his wife ruined his wife’s birthday and then tried to blame him for being a bad person for working as much as he does and for not wanting to go drinking.

Now, he and his wife are pretty well-off where they live (he makes $100,000 a year, while most people where they live only make $40,000), and they had come to the conclusion that they should only be spending time with people that are also interested in success and focused on family.

The friends his wife went to lunch with do not care about success or family, so he instantly wasn’t thrilled about that.

Andrii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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