She Sold A Family Lake House To Her Son And His Fiancée Without Bothering To Tell Her Daughter, So After Her Daughter Found Out Last Week, She Was Devastated

Anyway, following her husband’s passing, she and her children continued their family tradition of vacationing at the lake house.

But, in an effort to honor her husband, they made a new tradition in which they would go on her husband’s birthday every year.

About eight or nine months ago, though, her son Theo reportedly approached her with questions about the lake home property. More specifically, he asked what plans she had for the house.

Then, during that conversation, Theo ultimately revealed that he wanted to purchase a home before his marriage and claimed that he would love to buy the family lake house.

At the time, she reportedly told her son that she needed to think about that. Soon afterward, though, she ultimately agreed to sell Theo the home.

“My son reminds me of my husband a lot. He loves nature as much as his dad did, and he loves that house, too. So, I knew it would be in great hands,” she explained.

The sale was also conducted legally– with Theo purchasing the house within the market price range. So now, Theo and his fiancée are planning to move into the home soon.

For whatever reason, though, it never occurred to her to inform her daughter Lindsey about the sale. And after the news came out last week, a ton of drama ensued.

It all began after Lindsey went to visit her home and asked if the family would be traveling to the lake house this year to celebrate her husband’s birthday again.

And in response to that question, she told her daughter that they would have to ask her son Theo but figured it would not be a problem.

Obviously, though, that confused her daughter, and Lindsey ultimately asked why they would have to ask Theo.

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