These 5 Locations Will Be The Hottest Set-Jetting Destinations In 2023, With Fans Around The Globe Hoping To Catch A Glimpse Of Their Favorite Sets From Hit Films And TV Shows

Kalim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

We have all heard of jet-setting, but have you ever heard of set-jetting? This is one of the latest trends to pop up in the travel industry, in which travelers are increasingly visiting the sets of their favorite TV shows and films.

Now, this is actually a win-win for both fans and local communities. While viewers get to “fangirl” and see their beloved fictional sets in the flesh, communities actually benefit from increased local tourism by an average of 31 percent.

Plus, with a plethora of films and TV shows scheduled to be released in 2023, set-jetting is not anticipated to go anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, travel experts from Planet Cruise recently predicted that rates of media-inspired travel would only continue to skyrocket over the next twelve months.

Planet Cruise also analyzed some of the most highly anticipated films and shows for the year ahead in order to predict what travel destinations will be the biggest hot spots in 2023. Spoiler alert: two prime spots are even located in the United States.

1. “Barbie” – Venice Beach, California

By now, you have definitely seen some behind-the-scenes footage of the new live-action “Barbie” movie being filmed in California.

The teasers were released on social media and revealed that Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling would be starring as the iconic Barbie and Ken.

And while it was hard for viewers to peel their eyes away from Margot and Ryan’s outfits– I mean, they were wearing retro neon biker shorts, roller skates, and elbow pads– many were still quick to figure out the set’s location. It was no other than Venice Beach in California.

Kalim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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