A Guy Asked Her Out On A Date And When She Said She Was Starving, He Said He Already Ate

Chris Cross/KOTO - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A woman went on an awful first date with a guy where he basically just watched her eat the entire time. How awkward!

Rachel (@rachthepa) is a physician assistant based in Philadelphia. She shared her bad date story on TikTok, and for many viewers, the story really hit home.

Rachel was already feeling skeptical about the guy before even meeting him. After asking a friend for more details about the man, she did not have high hopes for a successful date since her friend had very few positive things to say about him.

On the day of the fateful dinner date, Rachel let the guy know that she was going to be late because she was getting held up at work.

“I was so stressed out all day thinking I’m going to be late. I literally told him…I had to help deliver a baby at the end of today, and I’m not going to be on time for this,” recalled Rachel.

After rushing home to get ready for the outing, Rachel managed to arrive only five minutes past the agreed-upon time.

However, her date was nowhere to be seen. This further upset Rachel, adding to the stressful day at work she just had.

As soon as her date appeared, Rachel was immediately repulsed by the way he looked.

“I was like…you remind me of my little brother. I have zero…attraction to you. This is never going to work,” said Rachel.

Chris Cross/KOTO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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