When His Son Turned 16, He Gifted Him A Car, But His Daughter Just Turned 16 And He Didn’t Do The Same For Her So She’s Upset

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This dad has several children, and just one of his children is a girl. When his oldest son turned 16, he gifted him a car that he owned.

This car was something he hadn’t used in a couple of years, and he says it was broken down, but they fixed it up together.

He also gave his son a little money to get the car fixed up, and he threw in some of his own money towards repairs as well.

Then, his younger son celebrated his 16th birthday and mentioned that he really would like a motorcycle.

For his birthday gift, he let him have a motorcycle of his, and he says it did not need any repairs done to it as it was working well.

“My daughter’s 16th birthday was last week,” he explained. “I know my daughter wanted a car, but I don’t have a car sitting around to give her.”

“I gave her $500 to put toward a car and got her some jewelry. I told her she would need to save up herself if she wanted a car, and I could help her get a loan in my name. She has a job, so this isn’t out of the question.”

“She was a little sulky about the situation and complained that I had given her brothers vehicles, but understood that I wasn’t trying to spite her. I have other younger sons that I will give the same to when they turn 16, so this isn’t me trying to single her out.”

He now knows that he should have stopped to think about making sure the 16th birthday gifts he gave to his older children will equal to those he will give his younger children, but his oldest son is so much older as opposed to the rest of his children that it never crossed his mind back then.

satura_ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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