5 Things You’re Doing Wrong When It Comes To Growing Hydrangeas

Like most plants, hydrangeas prefer moist, well-drained soil. Unfortunately, once you start overwatering, it won’t be long before they suffer from root rot. To check when your hydrangeas need a good soak, stick your fingers into the soil. If the dirt is dry, give them a drink. If it’s still moist, water them another day.

Not Planting in Well-Drained Soil

Well-drained soil is best for hydrangeas. It offers the ideal drainage and amount of nutrients needed for hydrangeas to prosper. However, when the soil is too heavy, water collects at the surface and takes a long time to drain, causing the roots to rot.

Heavy clay and sandy soils do not work well for this flower. But if it’s all you have to work with, you can add gypsum or peat moss to clay soil, which helps with drainage and water retention.

Too Much Sunlight

If your hydrangeas are looking droopy or faded, this could be because they’re getting too much sunlight. The flowering shrub favors the morning sun and afternoon shade. However, depending on the type of hydrangea you have and the area you’re in, some can tolerate full-on sunlight.

But if they’re looking a little lackluster, the culprit is probably the sun. Restrict sun exposure by transferring them to a place with more shade or simply water them more frequently when the sun is out.

Pruning During The Wrong Time Of Year

Hydrangeas should be pruned in late spring if they’re the type that grows on old wood. Any earlier, and you risk cutting off next season’s blooms. For hydrangeas that bloom on new wood, pruning in the fall won’t destroy future blooms because next year’s flower buds haven’t formed yet.

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