After She And Her Husband Got Her Mother-In-Law A Phone Plan For Emergencies, They Ended Up Canceling It Because Her Mother-In-Law Gave The Phone To Her 8-Year-Old Nephew Without Asking

bnenin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband are both in their late twenties and do not have children. So, after they tied the knot a few years ago, they decided to add their mother-in-law to their cell phone plan.

After all, she lived alone and did not have a cell phone. Plus, her husband thought it would be good for his mother to have a cell in case of any emergencies.

Once they added her mother-in-law to the plan, the extra expense was only about $20 per month.

But, since then, phone plan costs have risen, and her mother-in-law has also gotten a newer phone. So now, the added expense is about $50 each month.

“Pretty steep, with the way the economy is, am I right?” she asked.

Anyway, her youngest brother-in-law has a son who is 8-years-old. And while she said that her nephew is a nice kid, she also claimed that he is not her nor her husband’s responsibility.

So, after she called her mother-in-law’s cell phone just a few days ago and her nephew answered, she was pretty confused.

At first, she figured her nephew was just at her mother-in-law’s house and asked if he could bring his grandma the phone.

To her complete surprise, though, her nephew revealed how he was at his house. Moreover, he claimed that his grandma– her mother-in-law– had actually just given him the cell phone to keep because his own parents would not buy him one.

bnenin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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