Couples Are Leaving Traditional Wedding Guestbooks Behind And Opting For Audio Guestbooks: A Trendy New Way To Record And Save Voicemails From Wedding Guests

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One of the hottest new wedding trends has reinvented the age-old wedding guestbook and replaced it with a tech-savvy alternative: audio guestbooks.

Guestbooks are a tried and true way for loved ones to leave words of wisdom, congratulations, or well-wishes for newlyweds. And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this classic practice.

After all, you get handwritten notes that can be kept and re-read for decades to come.

On the flip side, though, audio guestbooks have upped the ante. Instead of just reading notes from your guests after you tie the knot, you can actually listen to voice messages recorded by friends and family members on your big day.

So, how exactly does this work? Let me break it down.

Audio Guest Books

On social media, you may have seen brides and grooms using classic vintage rotary phones as their devices of choice. This not only adds a classy yet retro feel to the whole activity but also makes for some awesome Instagram photo ops.

If a rotary phone is not really up your alley, though, you can essentially set up any recording device you like– from a different kind of phone to a digital tape recorder.

Regardless, the idea is that you set up a table in one section of your reception. Much like where you would traditionally leave a guestbook, include a sign with instructions for your guests to pick up the phone and start talking to the newlyweds.

maynagashev – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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