Disposable Camera Games Are The Hottest New Wedding Trend, Putting Classic Nostalgia In The Hands Of Guests To Capture Authentic, Vintage Shots Of Your Big Day

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Early 2000s trends are making a comeback, and I don’t just mean the Y2K style.

Disposable cameras were once the go-to devices for capturing memories: from school field trips and playground adventures to birthday dinners and family vacations.

After digital cameras entered the scene, though, the beloved Nikons that symbolized our childhoods slowly fell out of use.

But now, the classic cameras are back and with a more exciting purpose than ever– adding nostalgia and vintage-feeling memories to events.

If you frequent TikTok or even Instagram, you may have noticed the boom of disposable camera usage at weddings.

Even after hiring a (probably pricey) photographer, brides and grooms across the globe have also opted to include the classic film photo devices on their wedding day.

Why you might ask? Well, let’s break that down.

Why Disposable Cameras Are Now A Wedding Go-To

First of all, disposable cameras are significantly less expensive than digital cameras. They are also very simple to use and require no professional experience.

martinseb – – illustrative purposes only

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