Her Boyfriend Didn’t Get Her A Single Thing For Her Birthday, Yet He Still Purchases Presents For His Ex-Wife

So, it’s easy to see why she’s upset that her boyfriend didn’t even do anything for her birthday, and when she confronted him about it, he had a list of reasons for her to justify his actions. The first reason he came up with was that she has always told him that she’s not exactly big into birthdays.

She has in the past said that birthdays aren’t the most important to her, but that’s because her own family never made an effort on her birthday. To not get her hopes up, she has just gone through life expecting not very much out of her birthdays.

Although she has admitted birthdays aren’t a huge deal, she has never once told her boyfriend that he should forget about her birthday entirely, and they have always made plans together to celebrate, even if it was in a small way.

Another reason her boyfriend claims he forgot about her birthday is that he was not feeling well. On her actual birthday, she did drive over to her boyfriend’s house in the middle of an enormous snowstorm to take care of him and also his dog, as he was super sick.

“I completely understand he was unable to do anything on the day of my birthday, but he never did anything in advance or after that,” she explained.

“My birthday is the same day every year, and he never thought to grab a card? This all happened a month ago, and we’ve discussed it several times, but he is sticking by his excuses and doesn’t seem to understand why this is hurtful to me. Honestly, when it comes to me, he is very thoughtless, and I don’t know why. This is just one of many instances.”

“Is this worth breaking up about? Am I being too dramatic about the situation? I can’t help how hurt I feel. My 12-year-old son asked me what my boyfriend got me for my birthday, and I was humiliated to tell him it was nothing at all.”

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