Her Husband Thinks That She Should Quit Her Job Because It’s Taking Away From Other Household Duties

She’s felt like she’s going crazy since her husband suggested she quit her job. Although she tends to give in to what he says, she really wants to keep working.

She wants him to cut her some slack, take back their ‘agreement,’ and accept that she can’t keep their house running perfectly 24/7. 

They need to work something out fast, as her boss is beginning to get tired of her taking days off of work without a good enough reason. 

“I have thought for a while now that this isn’t really normal, but I figured since I agreed, I was kind of stuck,” she said.

“If he doesn’t agree to start picking up the slack, I may be looking into garnering support from my family.”

How should she approach this situation with her husband?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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