If You Just Went Through A Breakup, She Has A Brilliant Piece Of Advice If You’re Considering Trying To Get Back Together With Your Ex

“If you’re one of those girls who go back and forth a lot of times, you know that’s not what you really want, but you’re just caught in this cycle of being comfortable or being familiar with someone.”

I definitely was one of those girls that thought throughout college that I needed to be dating someone to be happy. Only when I stopped looking for someone and focused on myself did I find the right person for me.

Taking the time to focus on yourself and find out who you are as an individual can be the best thing for you, your mental health, and your future relationships.

“Sometimes making a logical decision means you taking a step back and separating yourself from the emotions and situations that are tied to that person,” Hope then pointed out in her video.

“And just taking a step back to breathe and to reevaluate and to really consider what you want in your life.”

Hope concluded by saying that if after those 3 weeks are up and you still feel the need to get back together with that person, that’s totally fine. But, at least you gave yourself the time and space to consider if this was the very best choice.

So much of what she is saying makes sense, and not just when it comes to relationships. The 3 week rule for relationships, yes, but the general idea that you need to sometimes step away and give yourself time and space to find the clarity you need is so important.

We live in a society that has this insane reliance on deadlines and rushing to get stuff done to the point where people are getting exhausted mentally, and it’s affecting their overall happiness. Taking the time to step back and gain clarity is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given, and I will be giving that advice to others only when asked, of course.


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