She Got A Bizarre Phone Call From A Stranger While She Was On Her Honeymoon, And This Man Eerily Was Able To Describe What She Had Been Wearing Earlier That Day, And He Even Knew Her Name

Kelly Castro - - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever gotten a creepy unsolicited phone call? 

One woman was asked for by name in a phone call made to her hotel room on her honeymoon. The only thing is, she had no idea who the caller was.

Years ago, when she first married her husband, they couldn’t afford to go on a big fancy honeymoon. So they decided to go on a low-key trip to visit family and go to an amusement park in a nearby city.

They booked a hotel room for their stay. The first day of their trip was extremely laid back, and all they did was get fast food for dinner and window shop.

On the second day, they went to the amusement park and were exhausted when they returned to the hotel. All they wanted to do was shower and watch TV in bed.

But while they were relaxing, their hotel room phone started ringing. When they answered, the man on the other line asked for her by name. 

“I had no clue who this person was,” she said.

When they asked who was calling, he didn’t give them a clear answer. He only said that they had met him that afternoon in the lobby downstairs, gave him their room number, and asked if he would call them.

The stranger described what she was wearing and looked like, but neither she nor her husband had interacted with anyone in the hotel lobby that day. As a matter of fact, they weren’t anywhere near the hotel that afternoon. 

Kelly Castro – – illustrative purposes only

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