This Reuben Street Taco Recipe Puts A Unique Spin On The Classic St. Patrick’s Day Favorite

TikTok - @psseasoning

Corned beef and cabbage account for the quintessential Irish American entrée for St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s a comforting and familiar meal, but sometimes it can get tiresome. When it’s been part of the festivities for years and years, the dish starts to lose its appeal.

If corned beef and cabbage are too simple for your tastes this year, try putting a spin on the classic St. Patrick’s Day favorite and make Reuben street tacos instead.

TikToker @psseasoning has a recipe for Reuben street tacos made with a creamy homemade Russian sauce, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and of course, tender and savory corned beef. So let’s get into the recipe!


-3 pounds of corned beef

-1 bottle of Sprite

-8 flour tortillas

-8 slices of Swiss cheese

-1 cup of sauerkraut

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