He Snapped At His Twin Brother And Told Him To Stop Being So Lazy If He Wants To Have A Nice Body, Which Made Their Mom Cry

SlavaSelfStudio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As close as many twin siblings may be, some twins may mentally struggle with having different body types. 

For instance, one man and his twin have always differed drastically in weight. When he started posting pictures of his fit body on social media, his twin brother had an emotional outburst at a recent family gathering.

He and his twin brother are both 19-years-old. For most of their lives, they’ve been different sizes from one another. 

“I’ve always been more into fitness and taking care of my body, while my twin has struggled with obesity for most of his life,” he explained. 

Recently, he’s been posting more pictures of himself on social media and has posted a few pictures of him wearing nice clothes that show off his fit body.

Unfortunately, he’s noticed that this has riled up some jealousy from his twin brother, who has said a few things about the photos to him in private. 

The other day at a family gathering, his brother had an outburst at a family gathering about his posting on social media.

His brother accused him of posting those photos to purposefully make him jealous of his body and being insensitive towards his struggles with his body.

He was really taken aback by what his brother said and tried his best to explain that he wasn’t trying to hurt him by posting online, but his brother kept getting more hysterical. Finally, he had enough of his behavior. 

SlavaSelfStudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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