Her Boyfriend Called Her A Selfish Jerk After She Claimed It Wouldn’t Be The End Of The World If They Couldn’t Afford To Pay For Their Future Children’s College Tuition

olly - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, who is also 26.

And recently, they ended up getting into a long conversation about their future.

During this talk, her boyfriend revealed how he wanted to have four children. Plus, his goal was to make sure that he would one day be able to afford each of their college tuition.

“So they won’t have to struggle as he does,” she explained.

However, she has a pretty different perspective on the situation. More specifically, she does not think it would be the end of the world if she wasn’t able to pay for her kid’s college expenses.

Instead, she would just help them look into other options to ensure they can attend college– whether that be picking out student loans or encouraging them to start working younger to save up funds.

After she expressed her opinion, though, her boyfriend completely disagreed with her. Then, he even accused her of being a selfish jerk and claimed that she would not care about their hypothetical kids the same way he would.

“But I just don’t think handing your kids things like that is 100 percent beneficial,” she admitted.

Obviously, she would love to help out her kids in the future. However, she also wants to be realistic about what might happen.

olly – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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