Here’s How You Can Make Cinnamon And Caramel Whipped Coffee

TikTok - @pipinghotjoe

As you may remember, whipped coffee became a viral TikTok trend during the height of the pandemic.

Without their regular Starbucks runs to keep them sane, people were willing to try anything to get their minds off being stuck inside.

And whipped coffee seemed enticing enough. The light, frothy drink is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t require many ingredients to make.

The foundation of the beverage is really just instant coffee and milk.

Plus, for many individuals, the presence of a nice trendy coffee provided a sense of normalcy and comfort amid uncertain times.

Whipped coffee’s rise in popularity can be credited to South Korea, where they call it “dalgona coffee.”

The term dalgona refers to a honeycomb toffee snack that originated in Busan in the 1960s. The sweet foam of the drink is said to emulate the snack.

Now, it seems that whipped coffee is already making a comeback, only three years later. A TikTok account that goes by the handle @pipinghotjoe is showing you how to make cinnamon and caramel whipped coffee.

Start by adding two tablespoons of instant coffee, a dash of cinnamon, and a drizzle of caramel syrup into a glass measuring cup.

Next, pour in two tablespoons of hot water. Use a hand mixer to beat the mixture into a thick foam. Then, add ice cubes and a half cup of milk to a glass.

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