His Mom Said He Made Her Look Like A Monster In Front Of His Friends After He Began Telling Them Stories About Mean Things She Did To Him As A Kid

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Have you ever told a group of friends a story about one of your parents, and that parent became embarrassed or mad at you? A lot of us have been caught in that situation, but one man recently had this happen to him, and it brought up some very heavy stuff.

He’s 22-years-old and recently brought a few friends to his family home to celebrate a Jewish holiday. 

He’s always had a rocky relationship with his mother. He has stories of his mother saying pretty brutal things to him, like her threatening to disown him if he ever did anything to disappoint her.

She’s even told him that he was the biggest disappointment in their family and that he was a regret in her life after finishing a semester with a low grade point average.

“I know that she loves me, but she’s done many things the wrong way and hurt me pretty badly in the process,” he explained. “Of course, she doesn’t want to hear any of that.”

He’s told a lot of these stories to his friends, and unfortunately, when they recently arrived at his house, they could see his mom’s behavior in person. 

“The moment my friends arrived, all my mom could say about me were my flaws and the things I do wrong,” he recalled.

“Not one word of pride has come out of her mouth, and even my friends noticed.”

His mom’s words brought him to the point of almost crying. He figured that when parents meet their children’s friends, they’re supposed to say nice things about their kids. Instead, his mom was doing the exact opposite, and his friends were definitely taking notice.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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