Peeps Mimosas Are Sure To Put The Finishing Touch On Your Easter Brunch

TikTok - @moochontherocks

Easter Sunday is the day to host an elaborate, decadent brunch. Relatives and friends you haven’t seen in a while will be making the trip over to your house, so you’ll definitely need to step up your cocktail game to impress the crowd.

Nothing is as critical to a successful brunch like the cocktails, so peep this mimosa. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, TikTok user @moochontherocks is showing fans of Easter and brunch alike how to make these holiday-themed mimosas decorated with Peeps marshmallows.

It’s a fun twist on a classic brunch beverage. And it’s a much sweeter drink than the traditional mimosa, but there’s also a bit of tartness to balance the flavors out.

These beautiful cocktails match the blooming colors of the spring season and provide the final touch that is needed to complete the Easter meal.

All you need is some raspberry lemonade, your choice of champagne, the Torbani sugar-free vanilla syrup, bright pink sprinkles, and Peeps marshmallows for garnish.

You can use any flavored lemonade you want and switch out any of the ingredients for something else that you like more.

That’s what’s so great about this mimosa! It’s versatile and can be tweaked to accommodate different people’s preferences.

First, put the syrup and sprinkles into separate bowls. Then, grab a champagne glass, dip the rim in syrup, and add the pink sprinkles.

Once you have affixed the sprinkles to the rim of the glass, it’s time to pop your bottle of champagne.

Pour the bubbly liquid into the glass, leaving room for the raspberry lemonade. Next, add the lemonade to give your drink some color, continuing to pour until the entire glass is filled.

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