She’s Sharing The Amazing Story Of How Her Husband Proposed To Her On The Beach

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Sometimes, nothing warms the heart more than a sweet and successful marriage proposal story. 

TikTok user Taylor Dennison (@taylorvasu) shared the story of how her husband proposed to her in one of her favorite spots with her viewers, and it is absolutely adorable. 

Taylor and her husband live near a beach with a cliff that overlooks the ocean. It’s one of Taylor’s favorite places to spend some peaceful time, and it’s special to their relationship.

The morning of the proposal was in late June 2020. Her then-boyfriend of three years, Justin, woke her up at 6:00 am to head down to the beach.

Although this sounds intense, it was common for them to do this. They often enjoy taking their dog for a walk or enjoying some coffee out there at 6:00 am so they can watch the sunrise!

Thinking this would be just another one of those peaceful mornings, Taylor walked out with no make-up, no manicure, and no fancy outfit. Some women insist on being put together for their proposals, but Taylor was perfectly content with how it went. 

“This was so authentic to me and my husband that it just makes me so happy inside,” says Taylor in her video.

As they walked up to the cliff, Taylor felt that something was going on, but it was the opposite of a proposal. 

When Justin first walked up to her, being serious, she thought he would break up with her! Especially because he started the proposal by saying, “So I wanna talk to you about the last year.”

luengo_ua – – illustrative purposes only

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