Her Niece Posted A Photo Of Her Struggling To Get A Bridesmaid Dress On And Refused To Take It Down, Which Really Creeps Her Out

Ivan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman recently attended a wedding for a family member and was in the bridal party. So, the morning before the ceremony, she got ready at her sister’s house along with some other loved ones.

But, it just so happened that her bridesmaid dress had a corset in the back and was very frustrating to get into.

That’s why her husband had to literally watch a how-to video in order to lend a hand and help her put the gown on properly.

Still, even with his help, the dress was a major hassle and took a long time to put on. Eventually, however, she was finally able to finish getting dressed, and the rest of the day went smoothly.

Following the wedding, though, she realized that her 19-year-old niece had posted an album of pictures from the wedding on Facebook. And the album contained a bunch of “getting ready” pictures from her sister’s home.

So, she began scrolling through to look at the images and realized one photo had been captured of her and her husband struggling with the dress.

“I would like to note here that my husband and I were in a private room when getting ready, and the photo had been taken through the window,” she revealed.

“And I had closed the curtains but clearly had left a gap that was enough for the photo.”

Unfortunately, she claimed the photo was not modest, either. Her husband’s hands could be seen under her dress while he tried to tie the corset ribbons and make sure nothing was twisted or knotted. Plus, while nothing could really be seen in the photo, her dress was hitched up.

Ivan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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