Her Sushi And Wine Date With A Guy Was Wonderful, But After Ghosting Her For A Month, He’s Back And Promising He’s Interested

He’s acting the way he used to when they first started chatting, meaning he seems to be really invested in her; however, there’s one minor problem.

Every conversation that she has had with him since he popped back up always takes a steamy direction.

She’s beginning to think he just wants to hook up with her, and that’s it. Additionally, she has started talking to a new guy, which is giving her pause about him.

“I feel I have every right to turn him down because he disappeared for a month, and he provided no communication as to what he was going through,” she continued.

“I feel if you’re genuinely interested in someone, you should communicate in some kind of manner. Even if it’s a simple “Hey, hope you had a good day” or something of that nature.”

Do you think he deserves another chance, or is it time for her to ghost him?

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