His Ex-Fiancée’s Younger Sister Intentionally Tricked Him Into Going Out On A Date, And Then She Said He Shouldn’t Allow His Ex To Get In The Way Of Them Having Fun

Joshua Resnick -

A 31-year-old man used to be engaged to his former fiancée, named Kelly, and they originally met in college.

Kelly was stunning, blonde, a college athlete, a swimwear model, and the most drop-dead gorgeous girl that he had ever laid eyes on.

Kelly was pretty flirty with him from the get-go, and he was absolutely shocked when he asked her out on a date, and she agreed.

Unfortunately, though, dating Kelly turned out to be a complete nightmare, and looking back now, he calls it “the worst mistake” he has yet made.

Kelly was gorgeous on the outside but ugly on the inside. She was manipulative, narcissistic, controlling, and abusive.

He was so into Kelly, that he let her walk all over him, and he even let her chase away his loved ones.

Kelly changed him from being upbeat and joyful to depressed and sad.

“I went as far as proposing to her, but thankfully came to my senses after a huge fight when she refused to let me attend a close female friend’s wedding,” he explained.

“I’ve barely had any contact with her in the 9 years since I broke things off, and I wouldn’t be upset if I never saw her again.”

Joshua Resnick –

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