If You Want A Soft And Seamless Under Eye Look, Test Out These Tried And True Baking Techniques

Take a loose powder and apply it to your under eyes using a brush or powder puff. To avoid any harsh lines or patchiness, try taking a blush brush and diffusing out the powder along your cheekbones after applying so that the end result is more seamless.

This step locks the makeup into place while also brightening and softening the under-eye area.

Spencer recommends leaving this powder on for 5-10 minutes while you are doing your eye makeup or your brows. After enough time has passed, take a brush and start lightly dusting away the power that you used to bake to reveal a smooth and crease-free finish!

For added coverage, you can dip your brush into a powder foundation as your sweep under your eyes.

If you are thinking about implementing this technique into your makeup routine, keep these baking tips and tricks in mind!


Replying to @may_ellee the blend, set, bake technique – explained! I hope this helps ??

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