It’s Not Cute To Go Into Debt For One Day Of Your Life, So Here’s How To Have A Beautiful, Budget-Friendly Wedding

Then, in your spreadsheet, create a section to record your expenses. Jot down both estimated and actual expense amounts. Start with the venue first because it’s most likely going to be the highest cost out of everything else.

Next, brace yourself for surprise charges. Cleanup fees, photographer fees, and stamps for invitations are just some of the things you might not have anticipated. Always dedicate a percentage of your budget to cover these items.

Some other small tweaks you can make to save a few extra bucks are holding your ceremony and reception in the same place, opting for a DJ instead of a live band, and editing your guest list.

When your ceremony and reception are in the same place, it reduces transportation costs. Think about other transportation-related fees you might accumulate over the wedding.

You might have to buy plane tickets for your folks from out of town and then pay for hotel rooms for them to stay in. Furthermore, a live band sounds enticing, but they are incredibly costly. On the other hand, a good DJ will only cost a few thousand bucks.

If you really want to have a low-cost wedding, you will need to limit your guest list. Don’t invite just anyone. Does your bank teller really need to attend your wedding? Shrinking your guest list down by even fifteen people will save you at least a thousand dollars.

Abide by these standards, and you won’t break the bank on your special day! You can still have your dream wedding even when cutting costs.

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