She Called Out Her Stepdad For Thinking He Could Provide Money For Her Wedding As A Way To Pay For The Opportunity To Walk Her Down The Aisle

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When this young woman was just a baby, her father sadly passed away. So, her paternal grandparents took over as her primary caregivers whenever her mother had to work.

But, once she reached the age of 4, her mom met a new man named Jason. Now, she claimed there had been some “weirdness” between her mom and Jason. Regardless, the pair wound up getting engaged pretty quickly.

About six months after they met, however, her mom got into an accident and was in the hospital. That pushed her grandparents to step in and take care of her, even though this arrangement upset both her mom and Jason.

“They felt like my grandparents should have left me with Jason and given me a chance to bond with him,” she explained.

“Because to hear my mom tell it, all I wanted was my grandparents when I was little, and when the accident first happened, I cried for them when I realized I couldn’t see her.”

Despite her mom and Jason’s wishes, she still went to stay with her grandparents. Then, once her mom and stepdad tied the knot, Jason adopted her when she was 5-years-old.

But this was not exactly what she wanted. In fact, her mom and Jason had told her ahead of time that she would be getting adopted, and she actually asked them not to go through with it.

Still, she was told that Jason was going to be her dad– even though she never called him by that official title.

Instead, she always called Jason either by his first name or the title “stepdad,” which reportedly bothered both her mom and Jason. They even tried to blame her grandparents for her perspective on the situation since her grandparents shared a lot of information about her dad.

lightwavemedia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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