She Found A Cat And Took It To The Vet To Be Fixed, Even Though The Pet Clearly Had An Owner 

Upon thinking it over, she reasoned that the cat was both an indoor and outdoor cat according to his collar tag.

Plus, with so many strays in her area, she was sure that at least some of the stray felines were carrying his genetics.

That’s why she ultimately decided to take the cat with her and get him fixed. While there, she also learned the cat did not have a microchip, so she called the number on the tag.

Afterward, she informed the pet’s parents that she had the cat and provided time slots for when he could be picked up or dropped off.

Once the cat’s owners found out what happened, though, they actually went off on her. They apparently cursed her out, accused her of being a kidnapper, and blamed her for being the reason that their child had nightmares about the cat going missing.

Then, the owners showed up less than 20 minutes later to pick up the feline.

At that point, she really tried to explain herself– pointing out how, if the cat was going to be outside, then he needed to be fixed.

Regardless, the owners did not care and claimed she should have contacted them immediately before making any decisions.

“I also spoke to my rescue friend, who said I was in the wrong. Even though we know we are technically in the right, we didn’t have the legal ground to do that, and it wasn’t my decision to make,” she revealed.

So, she did end up apologizing to the cat’s owners. But she was also forced to block their numbers since the cat’s mother started badmouthing her on Facebook and reaching out to people she knows.

Things are also still a bit tense between her and her rescue friend. And on the one hand, she knows that she did cross a line– even if it was intended for the greater good.

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