She Had A Creepy First Date Experience With A Man Who Already Knew The Questions He Was Asking, And Now She Believes You Should Check Social Media Before Attending A Date

Later that evening, while at home, she was on FaceTime with a friend to fill her in on the date when she decided to finally look this guy up on social media, starting with Instagram.

“I find his Instagram, and as soon as I see the username, my stomach sinks,” recalls Madi.

She knew she had seen that username before.

As it turns out, this guy had been sending her random messages for the past five years online before he met her in person. Madi estimated he sent around 45 unsolicited messages to her. He would reply to her Instagram stories, message her asking about her friends and work, etc. 

Although this Instagram stalker acted like he was asking Madi genuine first-date questions about her life, he definitely knew the answers already.

“I don’t know why he couldn’t just tell me that he was following me before, but I got super creeped out,” says Madi.

How would you feel if you were in Madi’s position?


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