She Thinks She Might Be The Other Woman After She Started Seeing A New Guy Who Has One Ridiculous Story After Another

Vall Rade - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

At the beginning of this year, this 26-year-old woman intended to date as many people as possible. After all, she never really casually dated and wanted to give it a go.

After she went on a few dates, though, she wound up meeting one 33-year-old guy named Dan. They first spoke on Bumble before moving over to WhatsApp to text.

And while on WhatsApp, she realized Dan’s profile picture was of him with a little girl.

Now, this little girl ended up being his 10-year-old daughter– who he never mentioned having. While the idea of a partner having kids might not have been cool with her in other situations, though, she apparently surprised herself and did not mind that Dan had a daughter.

So, they proceeded to get to know each other and reportedly had a great rapport. That’s why she really wanted to meet up in person. And once they formally met, she thought their chemistry was totally electric.

Afterward, she really wanted to meet up with Dan again. So they made plans to hang out the following evening.

“But I already had plans to meet someone for coffee that afternoon,” she recalled.

“And it was nice, but not anything like when I met Dan.”

Still, her coffee date with another guy came up when she saw Dan later that day. While he was jealous, though, she found Dan’s reaction insanely attractive.

Vall Rade – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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