She’s Sharing A Rare Perspective And Talking About How She Was Actually The Problem On A Date That She Went On

dikushin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Usually, when we hear about dating horror stories, it’s all about how the other guy or girl made a terrible first impression.

But TikToker Stephanie (@stephaniew907) is sharing a rare perspective and talking about how she was actually the problem on a Tinder date she went on.

“I went on a last-minute Tinder date on Saturday, and I’m pretty sure somewhere a guy named Mike is telling people about his god-awful Tinder horror story,” stated Stephanie.

Stephanie initially had other plans on Saturday, but they fell through. So she asked Mike if he wanted to go out together.

He agreed and suggested they get a drink. However, he took Stephanie to a coffee shop. Stephanie was in the mood for some alcohol, so she wasn’t thrilled about going for coffee.

But they ended up sitting and chatting for two hours. The conversation was going well until he asked Stephanie what she was looking for in a relationship.

She replied that she wasn’t really looking for anything and just wanted to find people to hang out with. Right then, Mike received a text from his friend stating he had an emergency and left immediately.

So Stephanie headed back to her part of town and went to her local bar. Her phone was blowing up the entire drive there, but she paid it no mind.

As she sat down at the bar and ordered her drinks, Mike called her, begging for forgiveness for bailing on their date. He had had a legitimate emergency and wanted to make it up to her somehow.

dikushin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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