All Her Friends Are Married, Yet Her Own Relationship Is About To End, So She’s Having Trouble Coming To Terms With Being Single Again In Her Late Twenties

And she is not on board with dating someone who has a kid again since she’s been there, done that, and apparently, it was terrible.

“No offense to anyone out there. I’m sure there are really good ones still left, but they’re few and far between,” she said.

Her own boyfriend even said the same thing, too. So, she actually believes that the reason they have remained in a relationship for so long is that they both don’t believe there is anyone better left out there.

It’s also important to note that she is quite accomplished as an individual. She has two degrees and a stable job with good pay. She also doesn’t have debt or any kids.

Still, despite her accomplishments, she is having trouble grappling with the fact that she may be single again in her late twenties.

Can you understand why the thought of entering the dating pool again is scaring her? At the same time, is it right to assume that all of the “good ones” are already taken? Aren’t people tying the knot at an older age nowadays? What advice would you give her?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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