He Left His Engagement Dinner After His Fiancée Spent The Whole Meal On Her Phone Obsessing Over Her Dog 

However, since his fiancée did not hear back from the dog sitter, she wound up making them late because she did not get ready until 6:40 p.m. That meant that after they arrived at the restaurant, they were forced to wait an extra 30 minutes for a different table to open up.

Then, even after they sat down for dinner, his fiancée just could not stop thinking about her dog. So, she proceeded to spend the entire meal on her cell phone trying to get in touch with their friend who was watching her dog! That’s why, after a while, he had enough and just stormed out.

“I paid for the meal and got up from the table, telling her that I was going to wait in the car,” he recalled.

Well, his fiancée finally left the restaurant to meet him in the car about 20 minutes later. But she was not happy and wound up just screaming at him for leaving her alone at the dinner table. He honestly didn’t feel bad about that at all, though, after how his fiancée had ignored him.

“I yelled back that she ruined our engagement trip by putting the dog over us,” he revealed.

After that, he and his fiancée just sat in silence for the entire ride home. And since their argument, his fiancée is now considering going and staying with her parents.

On top of that, he has also gotten accused of being a jerk for leaving the dinner. So, ever since that night, he’s been left wondering whether storming out of the engagement dinner because of his fiancée’s infatuation with her dog made him a jerk or not.

How would you feel if your partner spent your entire engagement dinner on their phone worrying about a pet? Does it seem like his fiancée’s dog is often interfering with their relationship? Was he in the wrong for leaving the dinner? How would you have reacted?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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