Her Boyfriend Took Her Out To Dinner Last Night, So He Feels That Means He’s Excluded From Having To Do Household Chores Today

“Yes, I’m very grateful he makes me a cup of coffee every once in a while and takes me out to dinner, but surely that isn’t some quid pro quo to not help around the house??”

Her boyfriend is really a great guy, but he can be utterly selfish, and he gets completely defensive when she does try to address the topic of household chores with him.

“I tried to explain it in a nice way, and he just gets moody and leaves, and it leaves me infuriated because I want to be able to express my concerns/issues without being painted like I’m some nag of a girlfriend,” she added.

How do you think she can finally get her boyfriend to see her side on this?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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