He’s Moving Out Of His Mom’s House And Feels Like His Attractiveness Will “Skyrocket” After Getting His Own Place

Now, some people did agree that his attractiveness would increase– but not significantly “skyrocket.”

“No, it’s not going to skyrocket. You’re still the same guy, just with his own place now, which makes you maybe 5% more attractive. But it will make your dating life a lot more convenient and efficient compared to living at home,” said Norwegiandoggo.

However, others claim that women look for other traits in men that aren’t necessarily tied to living independently.

“Women are attracted to men with a growth mindset. Career, finances, physical fitness, mental fitness, and emotional fitness,” explained 00pegasus5g.

“There are men with apartments who are duds. There are men who live at home who have this mindset. Whatever your case may be, you have to own your life and not be insecure about things,” they continued.

“You’re 22 years old, so not much is expected of you in terms of money and belongings. But there definitely are expectations when it comes to the personal goals you have for yourself.”

Others agreed that, right now, he is pretty young– meaning that his attractiveness in the eyes of other women his age will probably not change much.

“Especially at his age, it’s kinda normal for people to be living at home. So, at best, it’s nice, but it doesn’t change your personality nor your physical attractiveness,” opined FMIMP.

“I am in his age range, and none of my friends have the criteria that a dude should have his own apartment. It’s just not part of how we choose our boyfriends.”

Still, some people did point out how having boosted confidence for any reason will always have an impact on people’s perceived attractiveness. So, if getting his own place gives him a self-esteem boost, then so be it.

“Pretty much anything you do that leads to you exuding more natural and genuine confidence will have an impact on how people perceive you and feel around you. There’s a lot of social currency earned in living alone or just not with family in the Western world,” pointed out Smaketalk.

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