His New Girlfriend Hasn’t Paid For Any Of Their Dates In 3 Months, And He’s Worried That She’s Taking Advantage Of Him

He honestly believes this may be a dealbreaker for him and that his girlfriend is trying to take advantage of him.

Although dating is still new to him, his girlfriend has spent the last 2 years dating a lot and definitely isn’t as new to it as he is.

His girlfriend has also mentioned to him that once she went out with a guy who then told her he had no interest in another date because she did not even offer to pay for anything.

“Now I realize I should have brought this up a long time ago, but it feels really awkward now to just ask her to pay for stuff sometimes,” he said.

“Like maybe she buys some fast food lunch, and I pay for dinner at a sit-down place.”

“Any advice on how I can word this without coming across like I am angry or resentful? I’m not the best with phrasing how I feel, and a lot of the times, it comes across as aggressive or like I am upset.”

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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