His Wife Is Completely Jealous Of His Pretty Secretary And Even Acts Very Hateful Towards Her

“However, she is also incredibly attractive, and that is where many of the issues arise,” he said.

“I would never think about trying to do anything with her because I love my wife and am 100% loyal to her, but I can’t deny that Kate is an extremely attractive young woman—it’s something that everyone notices about her almost immediately, and I’ve heard others in the company comment on it as well (in a respectful way; I don’t tolerate any sort of…harassment here).”

“It’s simply a fact of life that she is one of those people who is very attractive and puts a lot of thought into her clothes, makeup, workouts, etc. I believe she even did some sort of modeling at some point, though I don’t know the specifics.”

Susan never indicated that she was uncomfortable with him hiring a young woman to work as his secretary, but then Susan got to meet Kate at his company’s holiday party.

As soon as Susan laid eyes on Kate, she was shocked. And since that party, Susan has really struggled.

It began with Susan making nasty comments any time he would talk about Kate. Next, Susan moved on to wanting to know if Kate would be at any of his work events before making a mean remark about Kate.

Then, any time he came home later than expected from work, Susan would question him if Kate had been working late at the office too.

He finally confronted Susan and asked her if she believed something was going on between him and Kate, but she said that wasn’t it.

Now, he would never, ever cheat on Susan, and his connection with Kate is nothing outside of professional. Kate has never crossed a line with him, and he has always been respectful of her too.

“…Even with my reassurances, Susan doesn’t seem to be put at ease,” he continued. “The one company event that Susan did go to recently, she was extremely rude to Kate and almost made a scene.”

“I think she’s being totally unreasonable. We’ve been arguing A LOT more recently, and she’s basically told me to fire Kate without saying it directly. She’ll say stuff like, “You care about Kate more than you care about me and the kids.”

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